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Larry Steinhouse

Co-Founder, Instructor, CEO

Larry has a passion for investing in good, profitable properties. Larry specializes in buying properties with little, or none, of his own money.  His favorite method is buying houses “Subject to” the original mortgage.  A close second is seller financing and then comes private lenders.  Larry has even bought houses using credit cards. As a long-term investor in this business, Larry knows his stuff!  As a business coach, Larry has helped people to learn new ways of making any business more profitable. He enjoys helping others learn to earn money and build real wealth.   Larry’s other passion is Stock Options. A few years ago, Larry created a set of rules for trading options and  it has proven to be very profitable. In just one three year period, Larry earned almost $750,000 Larry also specializes in building credit and rebuilding credit scores. After a financial disaster in 2008, Larry filed for bankruptcy and has learned some amazing secrets to rebuilding credit. Using these techniques, Larry has built his available credit on credit cards to over a half-million dollars!

Phil Falcone

Co-Founder, Instructor

Phil Falcone started his real estate investing career at age 23. He is the Author of 2 books on the subject, The first is, “Addicted To Real Estate - Why I Can’t Stop and Why You Should Start” , and the second is, “How to Buy Houses With None of Your Own Money”. Phil owns commercial properties as well as vacation rental properties. He also owns the most famous “Tiny-House Park” in America. Located in Siesta Keys, Florida, this tiny home park has been featured in “The Wall Street Journal”, and on several televised newscasts. Phil continues to be a avid investor with a passion to teach others the art of real estate investing! Phil’s favorite way to buy houses is with seller financing. He has negotiated millions of dollars in deals using this simple technique. How much does he pay in interest for this? Usually 0% ! Phil’s stories about his deals will keep you riveted to your seat! Get ready for a wild ride!

Paul Marturano

Marketing Director

Paul Marturano, began his career behind the scenes working on the 1997 Miss America Pageant with Margolis Productions for ABC, the 1998 Grammy Awards with Cossette Productions for CBS, and then went on to win a Daytime Emmy Award for his work behind the scenes of ABC's, Who Wants to be a Millionaire from 2000 until 2002. He then began working with Off the Edge Productions, LLC and began producing television and live shows independently as well as performing 100 live piano shows a year. He spent time as the Inside Sales Manager and Marketing Manager for Laser Energetics, Inc. where created web and print marketing materials, corporate video and was also responsible for managing a small sales team. He was a freelance part-time marketing specialist video producer and video editor with Keystone Pictures, Inc. and worked with the Inside Sales Team at Macmillan Learning. In October of 2019, Paul became a student at Investor Schooling and excelled by applying what he learned. In March of 2020, Paul became the Marketing Director for Investor Schooling. He is an active Stock Options Trader and regularly practices many of the concepts taught at Investor Schooling.

Jamie Lenegan

Student Liaison

Before joining Investor Schooling, Jamie was already a successful and highly awarded small business owner. She started her career at Investor Schooling as a student. Highly driven and determined, Jamie quickly embodied the culture and mindset of the school. Within months of being a student, she purchased her first home and has made incredible profits in stock options, with the training she has received. Her zeal and determination did not go unnoticed and Jamie was offered a position as a Student Liaison. Jamie uses the knowledge she has acquired from owning a small business in the hospitality field every day as the Head Student Liaison at Investor Schooling. When you become a student at Investor Schooling, you can be sure that Jamie will help you and guide you to success!

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