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No one knows your financial goals better than you,
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Here’s What to Expect...

our guest speakers listed below, will take you through a journey of financial literacy, and teach the financial literacy mindset.

Our expert knowledge empowers you, to use expertise and knowledge to make the right decisions for your money, your investments and your future.

You will use the information in this seminar to better your life in ways you can only imagine.  

Health, wealth, and a proper mindset are the keys to a happier, more financially secure lifestyle and we have the secrets!

...and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

You Will Learn All This And More...

Saving for retirement

  • ​How Social Security really works
  • ​The advantages and disadvantages of a 401K plan
  • ​How to save tax free without an IRA
  • ​How to Help Your children save thousands in interest

the stock market 

  • How the stock market really works
  • Why your financial advisors can't help you achieve greatness
  • What is a Stock Option and how can I make incredible returns using this strategy
  • How to leave a legacy for your children

Real Estate 

  • How to buy houses with no money out of your pocket
  • How to build wealth in any economy
  • How to lend money to real estate investors with little to no risk 
  • How to buy real estate in an IRA and not pay taxes on the gains

Health And wealth 

  • How your health affects your wealth
  • A positive mindset will make you a stronger and wealthier person
  • The habits of the rich 

Our Special Guest Speakers

Dr. Greg Reid

Our Special Guest and Keynote speaker

Greg is an entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and a knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts.

For over 25 years, Greg has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to take personal responsibility to step into the potential of their greatness and, as such, his life of contribution has been recognized by government leaders, a foreign Princess as well as luminaries in education, business, and industry.

Mr. Reid has been published in over 100 books including 28 best-sellers in 45 languages. Titles such as - Stickability: The Power of Perseverance; The Millionaire Mentor and Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities, have inspired countless readers to understand that the most valuable lessons we learn, are also the easiest ones to apply. Greg Reid is known best for being Founder and CEO of the - Secret Knock, an exclusive event and professional collaboration community focused on partnership, networking, and business development. He is also the producer of the Oscar qualified film, Wish Man, based on the creator of the Make A Wish Foundation.

For his work in mentoring youth in his hometown of San Diego, Mr. Reid was honored by the White House Where President Bill Clinton commended Greg for his work to positively working with youth through a mentorship program. And if that is not enough, recently Greg was honored with the star of the infamous Las Vegas walk of fame.

Dr. Greg Reid has published, co-authored and been featured in over 100 books in 45 countries. He has had 28 best sellers, including "Three Feet From Gold" and his most recent title, "Wealth Made Easy"

Brent Kesler "The Money Multiplier" 

Our Special Guest

Brent was a Chiropractor and Chiropractic coach for over 14 years - in what seems like a previous life to him at this point. After implementing his The Money Multiplier (TMM) Method,  Brent was able to pay off $984,711 in 3rd party debt in 39 months.

Brent became so passionate about how powerful this concept was, he began to share it with others. For the last 5 plus years, Brent has been lecturing to thousands of people around the country on the dynamics of the TMM Method and helping individuals to break the bonds of financial slavery and taking control of their own financial life.
Brent has a passionate belief that whether you make $10/hour or $10,000/hour you should know and have this powerful information and keep control of your own money.

​Will Be Giving You Strategies On...

  • ​How to save more money
  • ​How to get out of debt years earlier
  • ​How to increase your wealth without adding any new income

Larry Steinhouse

​Co-Founder Investor Schooling

As a long-term investor, Larry knows his stuff!  As a business coach, Larry has helped people to learn new ways of making any business more profitable. His Marketing Skills are top notch, both on and off line. Have you seen him before? If not, you will soon!

As co-Founder in Investor Schooling, Larry teaches students how to make real money and build real wealth. He has helped his students through every step of the process of searching for, buying, rehabbing and then renting or selling Real Estate and he also teaches, How to Invest in Stock Options.

Larry has a passion for investing in good, profitable properties.

Larry specializes in buying properties with little, or none, of his own money. His favorite method is buying houses “Subject to” the original mortgage. A close second is seller financing and then comes private lenders. Larry has even bought houses using credit cards. As a long-term investor in this business, Larry knows his stuff! As a business coach, Larry has helped people to learn new ways of making any business more profitable. He enjoys helping others learn to earn money and build real wealth.

Larry’s other passion is Stock Options.  

A few years ago, Larry created a set of rules for trading options and it has proven to be very profitable. In just one three year period, Larry earned almost $750,000  
Larry also specializes in building credit and rebuilding credit scores.

After a financial disaster in 2008, Larry filed for bankruptcy and has learned some amazing secrets to rebuilding credit. Using these techniques, Larry has built his available credit on credit cards to over a half-million dollars!

Phil Falcone 

​Co-Founder Investor Schooling

Phil Falcone Started His Real Estate Investing Career At Age 23. He Is The Author Of Two Books On The Subject. The First Is “Addicted To Real Estate - Why I Can’t Stop And Why You Should Start”, The Second Is “How To Buy Houses With None Of Your Own Money”.  

Phil Owns Commercial Properties As Well As Vacation Rentals.

He Also Owns The Most Famous “Tiny-House Park” In America. Located In Siesta Key, Florida, This Tiny Home Park Has Been Featured In “The Wall Street Journal” And On Several Televised Newscasts. Phil Continues To Be An Avid Investor With A Passion To Teach Others The Art Of Real Estate Investing!

Phil’s Favorite Way To Buy Houses Is With Seller Financing.

He Has Negotiated Millions Of Dollars In Deals Using This Simple Technique.
How Much Does He Pay In Interest For This? Usually 0%!
Phil’s Stories About His Deals Will Keep You Riveted To Your Seat! Get Ready For A Wild Ride!
Ask Him How He Bought A $2.5 Million Building With Just $15,000 In The Bank!

Fred Posimo  

Senior Student LIAISON Investor Schooling

Even in his early 20’s Fred Posimo has a perspective of the world different than most others. As a martial arts instructor at a young age his mind became infused with philosophies of growth, personal development and self improvement.

Today he takes what he’s learned and shares it with the world. Whether Fred is speaking from stage, writing his next book, or streaming a video, he’s always sharing his message: “Make Money & Have Fun!”

As an investor, speaker and author in the Philadelphia area Fred Posimo is constantly pursuing daily growth as an individual and always accessible as a friend!

Adnan Merchant
Partner MW Law

MOney Fund and real estate attorney

Adnan is a corporate business, real estate, and private securities attorney. Since co-founding MW Law in 2017, he has facilitated over $300 million in investment transactions for syndicated and portfolio real estate funds, private equity groups, venture capital investors, startups, and corporate acquisition deals. Adnan focuses his practice on providing end-to-end legal services for clients by assisting them in structuring their investment deals.

Prior to co-founding the firm, Adnan served as in-house general counsel to a venture fund, where he oversaw a diverse portfolio of investments and gained essential practical experience on investment dealings. Passionate about bridging the gap between innovators and accessing capital to jump start their projects, Adnan co-founded FinTech Austin in 2017, which quickly became one of Austin’s largest entrepreneurship organizations. FinTech Austin created an outlet for 3,000+ members to collaborate and connect around significantly high-caliber and influential keynotes speakers.

Adnan received his J.D. from Texas Tech University School of Law and his B.A. from Austin College, graduating with Cum Laude honors. During his time in law school, he spent summers interning with the U.S. Department of Justice in the Office of the U.S. Trustee and the Collin County District Attorney’s Office.

Gordon Brodecki

Owner and CEO at Garage Fitness

Your Health is an important as your wealth!  To live the life you desire.

Gordon Brodecki is a trainer, author, and entrepreneur. He is also the owner and founder of Garage Fitness in Croydon, PA. As a personal trainer and body building coach, he provides instruction, motivation, and support to his clientele daily and relays his tried-and-true wellness strategies that enable them to reach their desired fitness goals and keeps them coming back for more.

He is the second youngest of six siblings raised in Bensalem, PA. At the age of 13 years old, Gordon started weightlifting, introducing him to the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

At 21, Gordon began training others in fitness and health and has worked with thousands of clients, both as a personal trainer and body building coach. Gordon has trained and competed in power-lifting competitions, and many all-natural bodybuilding competitions, often placing first in his weight class. With over 20 years of experience, Gordon provides customized training for his clients throughout their fitness journeys.

From the Desks of:  Larry Steinhouse and Phil Falcone, Co-Founders of Investor Schooling


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​Larry and Phil

Here is the Deal!

We only have a limited Number of seats for this event.
We were going to charge everyone $497, but we decided to Charge

only $47 to Our Students and Friends!
Click the link below and Register Right Now!



Date: Wednesday, October 3rd
 Start Time 8:30 A.m.
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