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Larry is a Wall Street wizard with over three decades of finance expertise.  He has successfully traded stock options and shares his knowledge to help others.  


For over three decades Phil has bought and sold thousands of real estate properties.  His vast experience and knowledge has helped countless people just like you!

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When you make a commitment to take the first step in improving yourself, you gain the power within you to change your reality.  Finances play a big part in the world, and your working knowledge of leveraging your money plays a big role in your life, work and job!

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  • ​Hard working and committed to achieving your goals.
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“How We Quit Our Jobs, Got Rich and Found Freedom with Real Estate Investing & Stock Options Investing”

  1. 1​Learn Real Estate Investing: ​Buy and sell sell real estate properties to help make your financial dreams come true.
  2. 2Learn How to Source Money for Real Estate​: ​Money is the key, and you can get it from many sources for real estate investing. You don’t need to use your own money in many occasions. 
  3. 3​Maximize Wall Street with Stock Options: ​Stock options are great because they require less capital than buying an actual stock of the underlying security.  
  4. 4​​Learn to be organized, disciplined and make fine tuned financial decisions: ​When you have knowledge, your decisions will be better and more profound.

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Larry Steinhouse
​Phil Falcone

About the Authors

Larry Steinhouse and Phil Falcone have a combined expertise and knowledge that spans over three decades.  With thousands of properties transacted, and countless stock options trades, the powerhouse of knowledge is at your finger tips. 

Learn from their successes, challenges, and key insights into financial decision making.  They are also authors, and motivational speakers throughout the US helping thousands of people with guidance and business intelligence.

Stock Options and Real Estate Investing have inherent risks, and these should not be taken lightly. Any Claims made in this presentation are “OUR RESULTS” or the stated results of students. Your results may differ. Results are also based on effort. I promise that if you do nothing, your results will be nothing. If you actively learn and participate in any programs, your chances of success will increase dramatically but are not guaranteed. Like with any program designed to help your financial success, you need to be prudent and responsible for your actions.