Dan Zitofsky Presents

  • April 4, 2019 - 7:00pm
  • Our Headquarters

After making millions of dollars flipping hundreds of houses, Dan Zitofsky’s wife informed him that he was failing as a husband and father. In spite of providing his family “everything they could ever desire,” he was not giving them what they really wanted, personal time with him.

Working 100-hour weeks on real estate deals and rehab projects, Dan was never home. And, even when he was, he wasn’t “present” for his family. Stressing over business problems with his phone always in his hand, Dan Zitofsky’s highly successful real estate investing business had taken over his life.

His wife’s unhappiness hit Dan like a gut punch, buckling his knees and bringing him to tears. His family had always been his number one priority. Could he actually be letting them down?

He decided right then and there to change his approach to real estate investing, putting family first and moving from big paydays on fix-and-flips to long-term passive income streams from rental properties, seller financing and note investing.

In this book, Dan Zitofsky calls on all house flippers to follow his example by:

    • Getting Your Mind Right regarding what’s truly important in your life
    • Creating an All-Star Team of contractors, real estate professionals, and admin staff
    • Finding Emerging Markets across the country where returns can be maximized
    • Becoming Expert at alternative investment options for retirement accounts
    • Creating a Portfolio Document that explains your plan and establishes your credibility
    • Raising Private Money from individual investors at educational seminars
    • Finding Investment Properties that you can truly profit from


Dan ends the book with a clear plan every reader can follow to raise a million dollars or more in ninety days or less.

Learn And Apply The Exact Steps I Follow To Make

$42,000 Every Single Month By Investing In Real Estate,
Even If You’ve Never Flipped A Home In Your Life!

And Dan will be joining us for an awesome presentation!


  • Start Date:April 4, 2019
  • Start Time:7:00pm
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